Crypto For Creators

Rally is an open network that enables creators to launch vibrant and independent economies with their communities powered by the ethereum blockchain.

Launch Your Coin

Creators, Artists and Community Leaders: Launch your own digital currency powered by the blockchain


Gain independence
through a decentralized monetization system that enables a sustainable form of revenue and increased engagement with your community.


Purchase and hold social tokens
to gain access to benefits including unreleased content, private communities, early-access to tickets and exclusive merch-all while showing your loyalty to your favorite creators.

We Put The Power in The Hands of Creators and Their Communities.

Rally offers anyone with an online community the ability to launch their own coin without the complexity of coding on the ethereum blockchain. Rally is a decentralized platform completely governed by the community. This means that creators and their communities have unfettered control to use their social tokens across all social platforms.

How To Use

A Social Token

How To Use A Social Token

Create Your Coin
Creators can launch their own, branded cryptocurrency on the Rally ethereum network.
Drive Community Participation
Creators can reward their most loyal fans with coins and their fans can purchase additional coins.
Exchange Coin For Access And Benefits
Fans can hold or exchange these coins for access to private communities, exclusive content and physical and digital goods.
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