Frequently asked questions

FAQs for Fans

What Is The Rally Network?

The Rally Network is an emerging blockchain ecosystem focused on giving Creators new ways to build their businesses and achieve deeper engagement with their communities, with better fan alignment and more control than they have ever had before. The Rally Network is providing Creators with tools to build virtual economies that extend their brands while also providing community benefits and new economic incentives for fans to engage with their favorite Creators.

Our team is made up of seasoned technology executives from companies such as Kabam, Twitch, GenG, Disney and YouTube.

Does Rally Charge Any Fees?

Apart from payment and transaction processing fees, the Rally Network will not collect fees for profit from transactions or seek revenue from Creator economies.

How Do I Contact Rally?

We’re here to help! If you want to get started on the Rally Network, have any questions, or need assistance with making or completing a transaction, please visit our support page.

Creator Coin Basics

What Are Creator Coins?

Creator Coins are digital currencies that represent the brands of digital Creators. Creator Coins are the first in the long line of customizable, Creator-branded blockchain tools on the Rally Network.

What Can I Do With Creator Coins?

Creator Coins can be used as a form of payment as with other traditional payments or donation systems, but the real power lies in the offerings that Creators provide to fans for holding their Creator Coin and being a part of their network. As an example, fans who hold Creator Coins may earn access, recognition, and other rewards designed by their Creators, as well as the chance to participate in exclusive content from their Creator without having to spend their coin.

How Do I Purchase Or Exchange Creator Coins?

Any user with a Rally.io account can make purchases of any Creator Coins that are publicly available on the Rally Network. They may also transfer Creator Coins to other users that have an account on Rally.io and donate Creator Coins to support the Creators themselves.

Creator Coin Pricing / Liquidity

Will I Be Able To Redeem My Creator Coins For Value?

Yes. While Creator Coins are not currently redeemable for value outside of Rally.io, all Creator Coins will eventually be redeemable for cryptocurrency, the first of which will be USDC. We will publish more details soon on when this functionality will be made available. Certain restrictions may be placed on the volume of Creator Coins that may be redeemed at any given time.

Will I Be Able To Trade Out My Creator Coins For Other Cryptocurrencies?

Yes, all Creator Coins will eventually be exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies. We will publish more details soon on when this functionality will be made available. Certain restrictions may be placed on the volume of Creator Coins that may be exchanged out for crypto at any given time. In the future, our goal is to allow for the easy exchange of Creator Coins into a variety of cryptocurrencies.

How Does The Pricing Of Creator Coin Work?

All the funds from Creator Coin purchases for a particular Creator go into a reserved pool for that Creator. This means that all Creator Coins are backed by collateral. The overall Creator Coin price and supply is determined by financial instruments called token bonding curves (TBCs). These curves assign a Creator Coin price, based on the total supply of the coin - the less coins that exist and are used, the less expensive it is to purchase a new coin; by contrast, the more coins that exist, the more expensive it is to purchase a new coin.

The benefit of this design is that it creates more predictable pricing for everyone buying and selling each Creator Coin. All Creator Coins are backed by real value in the form of collateral, and users will have some visibility into the estimated value of their Creator Coin based on an algorithmically determined price in accordance with the bonding curve. Rally will be publishing more details on how this works and the various other parameters on Rally.io in the near future.

Why Do Some Creator Coins Have Different Prices From Other Creator Coins?

Because Creator Coin prices are algorithmically determined by supply based on the token bonding curve, and different Creators may have different amounts of their Creator Coins in circulation at any time, different Creator Coins lmay have different prices at any given time.,

What Is The Total Creator Coin Supply For A Given Creator?

New Creators receive 50,000 genesis coins to seed their economies and are initially the sole players in their own Creator Coin economies. As new fans and users purchase Creator Coins and become a part of the Rally Network, more Creator Coins are minted thereby increasing the overall supply. As users sell Creator Coins, the coins are taken out of circulation thereby reducing supply. The max supply for any given Creator Coin is 210,000 coins.

Are Creator Coins Guaranteed To Appreciate In Value?

No. Creator Coins are designed as a blockchain-enabled tool for Creators to build their own digital economies. Creators are using Creator Coins to create intrinsic value in each Creator Coin through unique fan engagements for their coin-holding community, customized offerings for fans to spend or redeem their Creator Coins, and the ability for their fans to support them through donations of Creator Coins, without the tax of high platform fees. As with any digital currency, Creator Coins may fluctuate in value due to changes in volume and other reasons, and the value of Creator Coins may decrease.

Does Rally Keep Track Of All The Holders Of A Particular Creator Coin?

Yes! An important part of the Rally Network is transparency around Creator Coin ownership. Because all transactions will be recorded on the blockchain, we’ll soon build features that allow anyone to see how much Creator Coin exists in each user’s wallet, including the Creator’s.