How it works
What can a creator do with their coin?
A truly seamless social token experience

Creator Coin is not limited to one platform or method of monetization. It can be incorporated however - and wherever - creators interact with their community. It’s the new and improved fan club experience that allows fans to be a direct participant of the creator’s economy.

Creators can use their coin to reward fans who contribute and support them by gifting them coins directly or as a reward for participating in the community. Coins can also be used as a fan engagement tool, to allow fans who hold them to unlock exclusive access to events, merch, chat rooms, services, or content.

There is no limit to how you and your community can use your coin.

Innovative experiments
Learn from other creators

The Rally Network’s success is driven by the creator community, and that community is growing every day. We invite creators to share how they are using their social tokens within their economy and encourage creators to learn from one another.

Interested in incorporating social tokens into your video streaming? We have creators on Youtube and Twitch who have that down pat.

Interested in Clubhouse? Rally has attracted many successful Clubhouse celebrities and influencers who are sharing stories about their coin.

Interested in using social tokens as a musician or artist? There are new ways of monetizing and sharing content through Creator Coin every day.

And the list goes on and on as more creators from different spaces join the network.

Check out our blog where we feature our most trailblazing creators and how they are using the coin with their communities.

In addition, the Rally Community hosts a weekly community call every Friday, where creators are invited to join and listen to the stories of other creators in the community.

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