The Wiki highlights a lot of the instructional how to’s and is a great resource for creators, fans or followers of the project to get even more in-depth information.

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Our Discord community is the best source of real-time updates for creators, fans, and followers of the project to be able to talk to one another about Creator Coin and the latest in the crypto space. The Rally Network governance news and mechanisms are communicated through Discord as well.

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The Forum is a place for Creators, fans and all network collaborators to join in discussion about interacting with, managing, governing, and building the Rally Network. The Forum allows for longer discussion on dedicated topics and proposals pertaining to the Rally Network structure and governance mechanisms. It also has a historical record of past conversations for anyone who would like to review.

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Community Rewards

The Community Rewards displays the weekly Rally Network reward distribution among the creators and their community. Creators and fans can see how they are doing week to week based on their activity and engagement. Individual level information on reward distribution is available on your account page.

If you have questions about Community Rewards, check out our Rewards FAQ page.

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Developer API Portal

If you are a developer that wants to know more information on our API tools, our API portal has all our documentation.

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$RLY on Mainnet

Rally Network members can connect their crypto wallet to Bridge In from the Ethereum mainnet to and contribute to the liquidity pools in order to earn $RLY and access.

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