Why Use Rally?
Platform freedom
Unlock your monetization potential

Rally enables creators to be truly independent with a social token that works across any platform. Creators are able to engage with their communities wherever they are whether that’s on social platforms, in-person events, etc.

There’s no limit to how a creator can integrate their token to their community - it can evolve and adapt as their community changes and is limited only by their creativity.

No Fees

Currently there is no platform fee to a creator to create a Creator Coin and Rally does not take a cut from any transaction between the creator or their fans.

Earn money
Grow with your community

As individual economies continue to grow, creators and their communities can earn weekly network rewards deposited directly back into their economy.

That’s a weekly reward to creators and their most loyal fans for helping fuel the network and driving the growth in their economy.

To read more about network rewards, read our Wiki here

Redeeming your coin

Rally is continuously making it easier for creators to receive real monetary value from their economy by converting a portion of their coin to other currencies, like traditional fiat currencies (e.g. USD) or other cryptocurrencies.

Rally has integrated and partnered with companies like Ethereum, Uniswap, and Uphold to help make this a seamless experience for creators.

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